04 May 2011

Seven Weeks of Easter

How are you observing this Easter Season?  Here are some ideas:

From The Word Among Us:
[There are fifty ideas, but these are my favorite]
  • Light a special Easter candle each night at dinner to represent Christ's presence after His resurrection.
  • Sing an Easter song ("Alleluia song") or three Alleluias before blessing your meals
  • Keep a baptism theme: tell your children about what you remember about their baptisms, who their sponsors are, what you did afterward to celebrate.  Make a point to remember your baptisms daily.  Thank God we received new life in Him--that we were born into eternity--at our baptisms. 
  • Drape crosses and crucifixes with white
  • Place a resurrection icon in a place of honor.
  • Prepare a cake decorated with "red flames" to honor the Church's birthday at Pentecost
Similar ideas at Faith at Home

Family in Feast and Feria highlights: (more here)
  • Using the phoenix, butterfly, bee, peacock, bursting pomegranate, swallow, Easter lily, and the egg for decor (many represent Resurrection or Eternal Life).
  • Do time-consuming crafts and detailed Easter project <i>during</i> the Easter season, not just in Holy Week (much less stressful!)
  • Eggshell mosaics
  • Tie routine Spring activities (picking flowers, planting gardens) to Easter and New Life in Christ.
  • The author compiled a nice Prayers and Hymns for Easter booklet. I am going to print and laminate some of these (such as "At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing") to help us learn the hymns.

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