24 June 2011

Question and Comment from Lisa

Just found this question from Lisa in my inbox (Sorry for the delay! Blogger was acting up a few weeks ago--maybe that's why you couldn't post a comment):  

Out of curiosity, when do you guys light the children's baptismal candles at home (if ever)? On their baptismal birthday or other days as well?
And - how do you distinguish the celebrations of their birth dates from the anniversary of their baptism? Any special traditions?

And regarding Pentecost and water traditions:

Part of the sermon today was on Jesus getting up at the Festival of Booths when the water was poured out and declaring He has the living water. (summarizing).  Maybe this link is where the water imagery came from historically?

Great point!  Of course, as our pastor pointed out on Pentecost, the really great miracle of Pentecost wasn't 12 (or 13) receiving tongues of fire, but THREE THOUSAND people being baptized.  Praise God!


  1. Our church doesn't give candles to families at baptism so I bought each of our children one on my own from here:


    We light them on their baptismal birthday, sing a hymn, have a special treat and hang the baptismal banner with their name on it (that the church does give them on that day). I knew of one family that made the baptism date the child's "birthday" with party etc. and made their physical birthday remembered, but less significant.

  2. I've considered picking a baptism hymn for each child, but we haven't done that yet. Good ideas!

  3. Oh, something fun I'm filing away for the future is have an older child (when he/she is able) embroider the cross on a white handkerchief when I am expecting, and use it for the baptism, instead of the one the church buys.

    Actually, I just might make one for this next baby...

  4. I like the handkerchief idea Katy. What a sweet keepsake that would be.

    We've added to our little baptism birthday celebration the reading of what baptism is from the Catechism (keeping it short for toddlers!) and saying a special prayer for the child (from LSB).

    And one perk of being the pastor's wife is that I get to pick out the baptismal hymn we sing the Sunday our baby is baptized. I remember which one it is then we sing it on the anniversary each year.