11 November 2011

St. Martin (November 11)

Martin of Tours, Pastor (from lcms.org)
Born into a pagan family in what is now Hungary around the year A.D. 316, Martin grew up in Lombardy (Italy). Coming to the Christian faith as a young person, he began a career in the Roman army. But sensing a call to a church vocation, Martin left the military and became a monk, affirming that he was “Christ's soldier.” Eventually, Martin was named bishop of Tours in western Gaul (France). He is remembered for his simple lifestyle and his determination to share the Gospel throughout rural Gaul. Incidentally, on St. Martin's Day in 1483, the one-day-old son of Hans and Margarette Luther was baptized and given the name “Martin” Luther.

Found this great coloring page.

We're going trace the image on wax paper and make some St. Martin lanterns.

Apparently, in Germany, St. Martin's Day begins on the 11th minute of the 11th hour, so I'm sure today is extra special :)

My son is wearing his Roman armor all day.  He is on a "soldiers" kick, so today is really exciting for him.

We might try Weckmann.

Some basic history, along with customs and superstitions.

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