20 January 2012

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

This week we celebrate the feasts of both Timothy (24th) and Titus (26th).  As I mentioned last year, it's a good time to thank our pastors for all their dedication, sacrifice, and work toward delivering us God's gifts.

This year, the kids are painting cards and I'll write a thank you note from our family.

Question for all you pastors' wives:  What are some of your favorite gifts parishioners have given you and your family, or maybe just your husband?  I'm thinking something homemade or very inexpensive, but thoughtful.


  1. What a great idea for celebrating this day. I know my pastor husband and home pastor took a lot of encouragement from a simple "thank you". I think a lot of people take for granted all the work/serving their pastor does, until they need him. The card/note is a very good idea.

    Some of the gifts we've been given are: babysitting, we had a member keep our girls all day every Monday (husband's day off). That was wonderful. We've also been given gift certificates to family restaurants. I know these aren't homemade or easy for everyone to give, but we appreciated them.

  2. Really nice thank you notes are so, so, so encouraging to my husband. It seems very easy for him to feel completely unappreciated some times.
    And honestly, my husband at least would think the painted cards from the kids completely awesome.

  3. I second the above- the painted cards are awesome; we also love the babysitting and the gift cards- the meals out, or also (if your pastor is a tech-y guy) best buy.