17 May 2012

Ascension Day

Here's a link to last year's Ascension Day post:


We are not able to attend Thursday services this year.  I'm curious how your church observes Ascension Day, besides Divine Service.  I have heard of parades (carrying banners outside the church as a congregation), an ice cream social after service, and "releasing balloons" (glad our church doesn't do that...just sayin', totally my opinion...).  What does your church do?  What does your family do at home?  I think someone last year mentioned making bird-shaped cookies.  I have also heard of "cloud-themed activities" (See Catholicicing.com)

From the wikipedia entry on Feast of the Ascension:

"[There is an] English custom of carrying at the head of the procession the banner bearing the device of the lion and at the foot the banner of the dragon, to symbolize the triumph of Christ in his ascension over the evil one. 
"In some churches the scene of the Ascension was vividly reproduced by elevating the figure of Christ above the altar through an opening in the roof of the church. In others, whilst the figure of Christ was made to ascend, that of the devil was made to descend.  [I]Florence the Feast was observed by having a dove slide down a string from the high altar of the cathedral to ignite a large decorative container filled with fireworks in front of the main entrance of the cathedral." [If modern megachurches observed Ascension, they would do this, I'm sure.]

Bach's Ascension Oratorio and translation.  List of Ascension hymns.

From fisheaters.com 

"After the Gospel is sung, the Paschal Candle, lit from the New Fire of the Easter Vigil, is extinguished to symbolize the departure of Christ."
"In some parts of Italy (Tuscany, for ex.) there is the interesting custom of catching crickets on this day."

What We'll Do:

Eat a picnic on a hill, put away our Paschal candle from our family altar, sing Praise my soul, the King of Heaven, listen to Bach's Oratorio, and color this coloring page.  

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