10 August 2012

St. Lawrence (August 10)

Today we celebrate St. Lawrence, third century martyr.  Here is my post about him from last year, including a biography.

I learned recently that Lawrence was probably decapitated--the Latin phrase "he suffered (martyred)" was mistaken for "he was roasted" (literally cooked on a gridiron like a side of meat).  I enjoy the humor and flippancy the Church treats death (without crossing into irreverence).  Although probably just a legend, Lawrence is said to have told his persecutors "Turn me over now, I'm done on this side."  My kids thought that was hilarious.

How we will celebrate:
How do you handle the sometimes grisly descriptions of martyrs' deaths?  How do you approach the topic of martyrdom with your children?  

Only Bernini can make roasting on a gridiron look glamorous

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  1. Thank you Katy. (Thanks for the info about the meteor shower too. My kids will want to see that. :)