27 January 2013

The church year never fails!

This is so exciting to me.  I don't know how I ever missed  forgot it! [Follow the link for a clearer explanation]

[The Gesimas are] particularly of value for us Lutherans, because the readings for each of the three Sundays of Gesimatide correspond with what came to be called the three "solas" in the Lutheran Reformation!
Septuagesima Sunday, "70 Days". By Grace Alone. (27 Jan 2013)
Introit.Psalm 18:5,6,7. Verse Psalm 18:2,3.Collect.O Lord, we beseech Thee favourably to hear the prayers of Thy people that we, who are justly punished for our offences, may be mercifully delivered by The goodness, for the glory of Thy name, through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Our Saviour, who liveth etc.Epistle.1 Cor 9:24 - 10:5.Gospel.Matthew 20:1-16. The Workers in the Vinyard. Sola gratia, by grace alone.

Sexagesima Sunday, "60 Days". By Scripture Alone. (3 Feb 2013)
Introit.Psalm 44:23-26. Verse Psalm 44:2.Collect.O God, who seest that we put not our trust in anything that we do, mercifully grant that by Thy power we may be defended against all adversity, through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Our Lord, who liveth etc.Epistle.2 Cor 11:19 - 12.9Gospel.Luke 8:4-15. The Sower and the Seed. Sola scriptura, by scripture alone.

Quinquagesima Sunday, "50 Days". By Faith Alone. (10 February 2013)
Introit.Psalm 31:3,4. Verse Psalm 31:1.Collect.O Lord, we beseech Thee, mercifully hear our prayers and, having set us free from the bonds of sin, defend us from all evil, through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Our Lord, who liveth etc.Epistle.1 Cor 13:1-13.Gospel.Luke 18:31-43. Healing the Blind Man. Sola fide, by faith alone.

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