28 January 2011


I'm slowly gathering resources.  As I said in a previous post, I will soon start reviewing some books.  I came across Around the Year with the Trapp Family.  It suggests songs, recipes, and crafts for the liturgical year; the Trapps apparently got some criticism for being too observant!  I'm going to see if I can find it through inter-library loan.  Here are some online resources which have been very helpful!  Feel free to suggest more!

Cyberbrethren:  Pr. Paul McCain will always post reflections, history and a relevant prayer for the various feast days and commemorations.  He often includes appropriate Bach liturgical compositions (for example, see his post on the Cantata for the Third Sunday after Epiphany.)

Issues, Etc. A Lutheran talk radio program that includes episodes for the liturgical seasons, feasts, festivals and commemorations.  I'm usually 2-3 days behind listening (on-demand), so I probably won't recommend episodes unless they are exceptional and/or offer a unique Lutheran view.  Two that come to mind are Jacob and Esau (we commemorate Jacob on February 5th) and St. Peter's Confession.  If you haven't heard these yet, please go listen!

Issues, Etc. also has a weekly Sunday School lesson review; I listen to the appropriate lesson review before days we honor Biblical people or events.  Deaconess Pam Nielson always does a good job tying everything back to Christ and his work for us.

Pictures of the Bible  I love this site, although the layout is a little awkward.  Paintings are organized according to Bible stories, and there are brief descriptions of detail. (Roman Catholic)

Family in Feast and Feria inspired me to start this blog.  I especially love the hard-to-find books she recommends. The author has a sister-site, Family Food in Feast and Feria. (Roman Catholic)

Catholic Cuisine offers both traditional and cute/creative recipe suggestions.  I haven't fully explored the site, but I liked the "horse" theme for the Conversion of St. Paul (the first detail my kids noticed about the paintings of Paul's conversion was they all had horses in them). (Thanks Aubri, for suggesting this site!)

Other RC sites on observing the liturgical year in the home: Faith Filled Days, Catholic Culture, Domestic-Church, Women for Faith and Family.

Free Christ Images offers a lot of beautiful religious art, and some coloring pages.  I like that you can search for art by event or verse or person.

Waltzing Matilda can draw as well as dance.  She has made a bunch of (free) coloring pages for individual use. (Roman Catholic)


  1. Thank you Katy, for making us all receivers of your research. It is greatly appreciated!

  2. Thanks for the resources! I firmly believe that children should be exposed to good (classic) artwork. Images are of course such a great teaching tool.

  3. I followed one of your links to Feasts and Feria and there was a link to the Trapp blog. She said you could find the book in document form on the ETWN website. I just downloaded it. I'd rather have the real book but download is better than nothing.


    Hopefully that works.

  4. Browsing on Amazon.com these were the books I thought looked worth checking into. Our library prob doesn't carry them. Have you heard of these?

    A CONTINUAL FEAST by Evelyn Birge Vitz


  5. Thursday's Child: Thanks! I missed that link. I did not want to pay the out-of-print-price.

    Lisa: Yes, those are both on my list (haven't cracked either, yet). I will post the rest soon!