18 February 2012


Battle of Carnival and Lent by Pieter The Younger Brueghel
Battle of Carnival and Lent Peter the Younger Brueghel

Shrovetide, the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, are used to prepare for the season of preparation!  Make practical plans to fast (alter menus and grocery lists, talk as a family about how you will fast), prepare Lenten decorations, and go hear the proclamation of forgiveness in private Confession and Absolution. if you don't confess regularly already.  

And on Tuesday, make pancakes!

From fisheaters.com
At Westminster School in London, the "Pancake Grease" is held, an event during which the schoolmaster tosses a very large pancake over a bar that's set to about 15 feet high. The children make a mad scramble for it, and whoever emerges with the largest piece is the winner. 


  1. I was starting to get some Lenten planning done today and wondered if you were going to attempt the "Jesus Tree" you mentioned last year. I like that idea and may try to come up with something.

    I think my babies would send me to timeout if I threw a pancake in the air...that sounds worth it though.

  2. Aubri, no we haven't done a Jesus Tree. I haven't gotten too into the Jesse or Jesus Trees, since I usually have a list of other things I'd like to do first.