14 February 2012

Valentine's Day (February 14)

An idea for Valentine's Day:
Write up lists of what you love about each family member.  Give all the lists to said family members.

I decided to do this on a whim (and after Emily inspired me).  I forgot to get anything (anything!) for my husband today, so I sent him this list via email.  I used to journal once a month or so about what the kids are up to, but I haven't in a year.  So now Google will save a list each February 14 of my kid updates.  And I can look up the lists whenever I'm feeling grumpy or resentful.

When the kids are older, they can participate.  Nothing like telling folks you love how much you appreciate them!

I love M----- 
for his scratchy beard
for going to Logli's late at night to get peanut-butter M&Ms (or Reese's Pieces.  OR BOTH)
for forgetting Valentine's Day, just like me (we're made for each other)
for working 21-hour days sometimes
for making spinach balls
for building bacon-houses and elaborate church-castles and towers out of DUPLO
for reading more than I do, and telling me all about what he's read
for being so contrarian

I love C-----
for helping me every day with the babies
for being such an interesting, earnest little conversationalist
for being  OC about what we're supposed to be doing or forgot to do 
for reminding me to pray every time we hear a siren
for using her hands for emphasis when she's explaining something to me
for loving to read and being read to (5 chapters of Little House on the Prairie yesterday...)
for being my girly-girl

I love G------- 
for his energy and abundant enthusiasm
for putting together 100-piece puzzles
for narrating his life as if it were a story ("and then he stomped down the hall.  What was behind the door...? A great big spider.  He killed the spider and went on his way.")
for his beautiful Pauling smile
for his intense unblinking stillness when listening to something he likes 
for his impatience and frustration in wanting to get the good part or point of anything
for wanting to wear foot-jammies all the time

I love R------ 
for his low voice and gruff way of talking
for being my snuggliest, kissiest kid yet
for pushing himself right into the middle of anything (combination of wiggling and bullying)
for his lower lip
for his sometimes green, sometimes brown eyes
for being so sturdy, like the bulldog on his jammies
for being so good-natured, laid back, and jolly

I love M--- 
for sleeping 12+ hours a day
for arching her back so only her head and tip of her toes are on the ground
for tolerating (and sometimes returning) her siblings' clumsy affection
for laughing socially (earliest I've ever seen)
for crying pretty much only when she's lonely (not much chance of that here...)
for loving mirrors
for singing baby songs to her mama


  1. It sure does make you feel a little happier when all those blessings are written down, doesn't it? (though I will admit that some of the blanks were harder to fill in than others! There's always at least one who is pushing my buttons!) :)

    It is so good to write down these little things about them TODAY though.. thinks we think we will never forget, but we will.

  2. Emily, yes, I was totally convicted (and repentant) about a list for a certain child, because I was having a hard time thinking of her non-sinful characteristics.