24 March 2014

St. Joseph Guardian of Jesus (March 19)


March 19th is the Feast of St. Joseph, Guardian of Jesus. I'm sure it's just me but Joseph seems to be one of those saints easily overlooked, lurking in the background, in the shadow of Mary and certainly of Jesus.

Joseph is many times painted as looking pretty frail and sad. But in my mind he was a little more manly than that.  We don't know much about him but I believe it's safe to assume he was just like any Daddy.


A Protector








 A Teacher of Scripture


 A good and honorable father.


One St. Joseph's Day tradition is to make a "St. Joseph's Altar". As Lutherans we don't pray to saints or pay homage to them so I was uncomfortable making an altar and believing it would bring good fortune to our family. 

I like to think of St. Joseph's Day as the Church's Father's Day and in fact in Italy March 19th (The Feast of St. Joseph) is Father's Day.

So we celebrated the fathers in our family.


Remembering the Guardian of Jesus by honoring our own fathers and giving thanks for them is a great idea.

Anything you would do for Father's Day would be appropriate for this Feast. I had my children make cards for their father and grandfathers.


Coloring pages:


For a snack we made little "Josephs" in his carpenters apron, with a carpenter's square and his staff.


More cookies, "Joseph's tools", hammers and carpenters squares. 

Other attributes for St. Joseph are: 
Carpenter's square or tools, the infant Jesus, staff with lily blossoms, two turtle doves.

For more ideas for celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph visit:

"We sing our thanks for Joseph,
The guardian of our Lord
Who faithfully taught Jesus
Through craft and deed and word.
Grant wisdom, Lord, and patience
To parents everywhere
Who guide and teach the children
Entrusted to their care."

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