17 July 2014

The Commemoration of Ruth (July 16)


July 16th the Church commemorates Ruth the Moabitess.




Snack Ideas: Pretzel "Bundles of wheat", Wheat Thins, Whole Wheat Crackers


Craft: Baskets for gleaning, idea from HERE.


To Watch: The Story of Ruth 
To Read: The Story of Ruth and Naomi from the Alice in Bibleland series
Ruth and Naomi Arch Book

To Sing: Our Lutheran Service Book has wonderful hymn for occasions like this,
 #855 For All the Faithful Women:

"For Ruth, who left her homeland
And ventured forth in faith,
Who pledged to serve and worship
Naomi's God till death,
We praise You, God till death,
We praise You, God of Israel,
And pray for hearts set free
To bind ourselves to others
In love and loyalty."

"You promised to preserve Your people and save Your inheritance, using unlikely and unexpected vessels in extending the genealogy that would bring about the birth of Your blessed Son. Give us the loyalty of Ruth and her trust in the one true God, that we, too, might honor You through our submission and respect and be counted among Your chosen People by the Grace of Jesus Christ." Amen. Treasury of Daily Prayer

You can find more about Ruth on this blog HERE.

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