15 April 2011

Easter cards

My mom likes to do a small craft each week with my older two.  Last week they made Easter cards.

They just did some water painting, "interpreting" (my kids still have to tell us what their paintings are), and stuck felt Easter stickers from a craft store on the cards. I added some Spring poems (many from this site), and appropriate Resurrection verses inside.  We will send them today to just a few relatives and close friends. 

Also, I have a Forsythia shrub flowering now, whose cuttings, with some $3 baby's breath from the grocery store, made a beautiful and easy arrangement.  Cut flowers are one of my favorite things in life, and I'm so glad it's spring!  (Incidentally, my son methodically pulled apart every single daffodil yesterday--even the unopened buds.)

Sometime this weekend I'll post an outline of our plans for Holy Week, day by day, and then I probably won't post until after Easter.  Note the following feast and commemorations, which I will "make-up" (post about) after Easter:

20 Johannes Bugenhagen, Pastor
 21 Anselm of Canterbury, Theologian
 24 Johann Walter, Kantor
 25  St. Mark, Evangelist  

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