11 April 2011

Easter Meal. etc.

The Thinking Housewife posted an Easter menu here.  I'm going to post a Greek menu tomorrow. 

*Send me your favorite Easter dish and I'll post it (before we all go do our mad Easter grocery shopping).

* Any one have Maundy (or Holy) Thursday meals you prepare?  I'm going to make lentils (soaked and boiled in salt and bay leaves; red wine vinegar added right before served). 

* Any favorite "Easter wines"/spirits?

* Any favorite Easter breakfasts?  (Maybe leftover hot-cross rolls....)


  1. We do hot cross buns for Good Friday. This year, I plan to make Jidase bread for Maundy Thursday breakfast and a cheese Pascha for Easter Sunday dinner. I'm hoping the Pascha turns out well ...

    Our church usually throws a big breakfast party on Easter Sunday, so I get to relax and stuff myself that one morning. Just another drop of sunshine to make that happy day happier. :)

  2. Do report on the Pascha (this is my first year making it...)!