17 December 2011

O Antiphons

From Pr. Weedon's blog, last year:
The Great O Antiphons, used to frame the Magnificat in Vespers in the days before Christmas, begin [this] evening with O Wisdom.  The Treasury [of Daily Prayer] includes them in the daily propers section.  As each of these Old Testament names for God is prayed, and Christ is invoked to come to us, the clarity of whom the Blessed Mother bore is driven home in an unmistakable way, climaxing in the confession that He is Emmanuel, God with us.  The Latin titles read backwards announce:  ERO CRAS - I'll be [here] tomorrow, which is very fitting as the O Antiphons conclude upon December 23.
If you don't have the Treasury of Daily Prayer, you can find an explanation of each Antiphon here, along with appropriate Scripture and a meditation.  Sing the appropriate verse from LSB 357.  A sermon series based on the antiphons is at steadfastlutherans.org.

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