05 March 2011

A Jesus Tree

Mirroring the "Jesse Tree" of Lent, a Jesus Tree pictorially  follows the life and teachings of Christ up until his death and resurrection.  I have found a variety of ways these can be made.  Here are some examples:

Flannel banner: You can buy a kit at Leaflet Missal.  Jessica, at Shower of Roses (a Roman Catholic blog) made her own Jesus tree, and shares pictures and relevant verses.  She has many other Lent and Easter ideas.

Paper cross: "Lent and Easter in the Domestic Church," by Catherine and Peter Fournier, has instructions for creating a large cross (on posterboard), divided into 40 squares.  For each reading, spanning the Fall to Good Friday, a small picture is attached to the cross (so a fruit for the Fall, etc.).  They also suggest making permanent, laminated and velcroed pictures.

A "real" tree": "Plant" a dry branch in plaster of paris in a pot, and hang Lenten ornaments each day.  

The basic idea is to find a Lent reading schedule and create figures or coloring squares for each reading, counting down to Easter.  If we ever do this (not this year!), I will probably simply follow the Daily Lectionary schedule in the LSB and have my kids either color a picture relevant to that day's reading, or create ornaments.

Has anyone ever made a Jesus tree?  If so, send me your pictures, and I'll post them

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