10 March 2011

Preconciliar Missal "Coloring Sheets"

Here is a 1952 St. Andrew Missal with really great engravings.  I've enlarged and printed out the Lent 1 image as a coloring sheet.  Note that the lectionary isn't exactly like ours, but I'm going to go through and save each image as the appropriate Lutheran Sunday, so I can find the files easily.


  1. Also, check out:
    Scanned woodcuts from old Bibles and theological books, very cool stuff.
    Here's a link to a list of images from my favorite book they have:

  2. Those are great, Kira! Thanks so much.

    Eventually I'd like a sister-site to this one, where one can find a beautiful feast/commemoration/Bible story/life of Christ images to use as coloring pages (or for bulletins, church leaflets and calendars, etc.)