10 March 2011

Memorizing Scripture

How do you choose what verses your children memorize?  We have a simple memory verse per church season, but that will change as the kids get older. Some ideas bouncing around my brain:

*related to Sunday school
*related to Luther's Small Catechism for early elementary; the verses in the explanation for later elementary/junior high
*if we homeschool, for jr/sr. high school unit studies based on the Good News magazines.**  I love all the Bible verses the writers use to defend the doctrine they are teaching.
*related to the weekly lectionary.

When recitation was serious business...and every schoolmaster looked like Abe Lincoln

**Good News is an awesome resource; subscribe if you haven't already.  They explain complex theological concepts VERY simply and clearly.  I ordered all the back issues and sent them and a subscription to my cousin's prison in VA.  Prison chapel libraries are notoriously haphazard when it comes to resources (usually everything's donated).   Nursing homes might be another place that would welcome this Biblical publication.


  1. We use Rev. Peter Bender's Lutheran Catechesis for our children. It includes a Scripture memorization schedule for preschool and up. For the younger ones, sometimes they memorize along with the older ones just because they hear it recited so much. Otherwise we pick passages that seem pertinent at the time. Ephesians 6:1 has been used in our house regularly! We teach them the 10 Commandments, the Apostles Creed and the Lord's Prayer at a very early age, as well.